About Junk Defense

What is this blog about?

Junk Defense is a basketball blog that features on college basketball analysis. Junk Defense posts are my own personal thoughts about basketball news, games, players, coaches and history with certain biases coloring my analysis.

Some of those biases include:

  • Gonzaga is the best.
  • I live in Kansas City, which is the Capital for Big 12 Country, which I have grown to like as I have gotten more established in the Midwest.
  • “Requiem for the Big East” is way better than any other College Basketball “30 for 30” (though you could argue for “Survive and Advance.”)
  • College basketball is interesting because it offers a diversity of different playing styles offensively and defensively in comparison to the NBA or Euroleague.
  • That being said, college basketball IS NOT fundamentally better than the NBA or Euroleague, nor are their players “better” coached.
  • The 30 second shot clock is a start, but it should be 24 seconds.
  • Ken Pomeroy IS THE AUTHORITY on college basketball today.
  • Get rid of the “one and done” players and do a draft system similar to Major League Baseball.
  • Syracuse sucks…seriously. They suck. I need less Jim Boeheim in my life.
  • Georgetown used to be the shit…now they’re not. Which sucks. We need them to be the shit again. Like Allen Iverson-Alonzo Mourning-Ruben Boumtje Boumtje level again.

About the author

Junk Defense is written by a teacher and basketball coach by profession, who occasionally satisfies his need for writing through blogging about basketball. He is originally from the West Coast (California, specifically), an alumnus of Gonzaga University, and liked Adam Morrison and Austin Daye way too much while in college. Currently, he is far away from his beloved Zags and the WCC, situated now in Big 12 country, specifically Kansas country, specifically Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to college basketball, the author also follows Euroleague and NBA basketball (and occasionally the D-League) online through video streaming, Twitter and an eclectic, extensive blog bookmarks folder (called “basketball reading” on his bookmarks page of his laptop). Other than basketball, he also enjoys good, non-Network television (Insecure, House of Cards, The Night Of, and Master of None dominate his non-basketball watching), hookah, coffee, cheap American domestic beer (i.e. non-Budweiser), KC BBQ, Indie Hip Hop and R&B, and Taquerias, preferably the ones open late night.